There is great fresh water angling to be had both locally on the Peninsula, and in the vicinity of Clifden - mostly for fine brown trout.

On the Peninsula itself, most anglers feel no need to have an official permit, but do be aware that in accessing angling lakes you may be crossing private land; so be sensitive about this, and ask if in doubt!  You can try Aughrus Lake, and on Courhoor Lough (behind Cleggan, accessed via the 'Green Road' - ask a local for directions).

Off the Peninsula, there are plenty of fine fresh water angling spots, but BE AWARE THAT YOU NEED A PERMIT!!!  The angling is managed by Clifden Trout Anglers, and if you scroll to the very bottom of this page, you can download and print out a map giving locations and information.

Otherwise, you can obtain copies - AND BUY PERMITS - from that excellent shop, STANLEYS, in the centre of Clifden town. Stanleys shop sells, in addition to a wide and fabulous range of indoor and outdoor clothing and footwear, a great range of sea and fresh water angling gear, including many flies, worms, and other necessaries. They are also very knowledgeable and will provide you with advice if they have time. BUT....BE AWARE THAT STANLEYS IS NOT AN INFORMATION CENTRE FOR ANGLING, BUT A THRIVING BUSINESS. DO NOT EXPECT THE STAFF THERE TO STAND FOR HOURS GIVING YOU ADVICE, WHEN THERE ARE CUSTOMERS IN THE SHOP LOOKING FOR ATTENTION AND ACTUALLY WANTING TO BUY SOMETHING!!!!! Otherwise, though, you will find that they are friendly and helpful to everybody - we know: we've been there and asked them some pretty stupid questions about fishing.....