The west coast of Ireland is a really fabulous place for snorkeling and especially for scuba diving. The nature of the sea here is such that the colours seen underwater are different from those seen when diving in tropical waters - and the sea is so clear that the visibility is fantastic! And there is so much life to be seen. Even the apparently mundane, such as a shoal of mackerel, becomes like swimming through the most magical of moving, gleaming colour!

You will find plenty of opportunities around the Aughrus Peninsula for safe snorkeling (though you should never go alone or without telling others what you plan to do). 

Scubadive-West, based further north in Killary Harbour, is Ireland's leading scuba dive training school and dive centre. It's run by very experienced divers and trainers, and is very fully equipped. Among other locations, they operate diving expeditions in their fully equipped RIBs, from Cleggan Harbour. And the inexperienced who wish to train in scuba diving can avail of their services in their dive school, easily accessible from the Aughrus Peninsula. Click here to visit the Scubadive-West website, and read more.