Because of COVID-19, many of the services listed may not be operational.  Check with the establisments before making your plans.

There's a large number of holiday homes/cottages for rent on the Aughrus Peninsula, as well as a good selection of Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs).

An excellent campsite - an 'eco-site' - is extremely popular, and rightly so, on the peninsula. And many people like to camp on or beside beaches, on Omey, etc (though as of March 2014 we regret to say that the recent storms left a good few of these covered with stones and boulders, and for the moment not so easy for those with campers or tents).

While there are no hotels on the peninsula itself, there are many nearby, of excellent quality and varying in price and luxury; hence, there is accommodation to be had to meet every pocket.

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