For a map of the beaches in the area, and lots more information about beaches and swimming, please click HERE.

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Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off the Aughrus Peninsula is an exhilarating experience. Nobody pretends - or assumes - that the temperature is going to be like the Med, but the sea is clean, pure, clear; and you will swim or snorkel in the most perfect surroundings. As you swim, you can look around and see the beautiful scenery of Connemara all around you. From beaches where the rising tide comes in over the flat sand, on a sunny day you'll be surprised to find that the water is in fact warm - you'll find this especially if you swim on Omey Strand on a rising tide or when the tide is fully in, or near the harbour/pier at Rossadilisk. These are safe swimming places, too: the sea sheltered, and the sloping beach gentle.