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    Of course, in Clifden you'll find the large supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl and SuperValu, plus other specialist food shops, butchers and the like.

    BUT... for convenience - and to support the local community - we recommend strongly that you shop locally whenever you can.In Claddaghduff, Sweeney's well-stocked shop (and Post Office and petrol/diesel pumps) can provide you with much of what you will want, and in season you will also find excellent provisions such as succulent Connemara Lamb.
    And while in Sweeneys, try Janice's locally made breads - they're fresh, healthy, and completely delicious! By the way, Janice also provides delicious cakes, including gluten-free cakes and desserts, in Oliver's Bar in Cleggan. Sweeneys also stock delicious locally made honey: Connemara Honey, produced by Gerard Coyne, Baile Nua Apiaries (Baile Nua, or Ballynew, is just on the other side of the Cleggan causeway; so it really is local - it's a light honey with a lovely flavour, and no wonder given the vast mix of wild flowers we have for bees to gather nectar from!).

Visit Sweeney's own website to learn more:

    And in Cleggan village, there is Coyne's shop, run since late 2014 by Joe Rogan and assistants (and constantly carrying more and more varied stock), also stocks a wide range of your kitchen and food needs. Joe has revamped the butcher's counter, and there is now a great selection of meats to choose from. We strongly recommend that you have a look into Joe's shop in Cleggan - we think you'll be delighted with the upgrading work he has carried out since taking over.

    Sadly, the sub-Post Office which used to be situated in the shop in Cleggan was closed down in 2014 by An Post, despite many protests by the village. But Joe is working to ensure that he can meet your everyday postal needs, such as stamps. And there's a post-box right outside the shop, as indeed there is one also outside of Sweeneys.

    The shops in Claddaghduff and Cleggan also supply daily newspapers; and both carry a wide range of fuels: coal, peat (turf) 'briquettes', and bottle gas. 


        One of the real joys of coming to stay in a location like the Aughrus Peninsula is the fact that it's a real fishing area - not only is there Cleggan Harbour, but around the peninsula are other smaller harbours and piers:  Aughrus Pier, and Rossadilisk, for example.  And it isn't just fish, but also shellfish - lobster, crab, caught by the many fishermen who daily catch fresh seafood from their small craft. You can enjoy them when eating out locally;  and indeed Cleggan crabmeat is widely known for its excellent flavour and taste, and lobster from the peninsula are shipped live to markets in continental Europe. Many visitors gather smaller shellfish such as periwinkle or razor-fish from the strands, too.How lovely to buy and prepare some fresh fish - whether it's white fish in season, or fresh crab or lobster or mussels!You can do just that in Cleggan.  Visit Cleggan Seafood - ask for Johnny or Theresa - and buy an excellent range of fruits of the sea - or have it delivered, if you prefer (see right)! If you wish to select the fish yourself, drop in and look at what's available. You'll find them at the harbour: at the head of the pier, turn left at the Tiny Teapot cafe and restaurant, walk along the path for not more than 50 yards, and you will see the steel fish preparation building. If no one is there, call at the front door of the white house just beyond. Any time from 9.00am to 6.00pm; or, if you've forgotten the time, you can try calling outside of those hours and you may still get lucky.

        Just in case you've been here before and you remember the Jagur Organic Farm and Shop, we have to tell you that Linda and Vincent have now retired.