For the home: both Sweeney's in Claddaghduff and Cleggan Stores in Cleggan sell a range of fuels such as bottled gas, peat (turf) briquettes, coal, barbecue equipment, and so on. Sweeney's will always arrange to switch on the petrol/diesel pumps for you, as long as the bar is open.

If you have a need for heating oil (LFO or Kerosene), Sweeney's in Claddaghduff will put you in touch with Sweeney Oil; there are other oil supply companies in Clifden also. The Clifden Supply Company (near Aldi and opposite Lidl) also supplies and delivers a range of fuels, in somewhat larger quantities.

Many local people will supply trailer or half-trailer loads of locally cut turf.

Vehicle fuel:  Sweeney's in Claddaghduff is the only supplier of petrol or dieseal on the pensinsula. There are of course larger vehicle fuel stations in Clifden: two of the, one on the corner of the N59 and the centre of Clifden, and another on the beginning of the Galway Road. Heading north on the N59 you won't find a service station until well past Letterfrack.