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Throughout this website, we have provided you with the web links, names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses you will need to organise, plan and enjoy your holiday on the AUGHRUS PENINSULA.


We respectfully suggest that, if you have enquiries, it would be best that you make contact with the person or organisation best able to provide you with the information you need. THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN BUILT AND IS MAINTAINED BY ONE PERSON ONLY, AS A VOLUNTARY EFFORT; SO WE CANNOT ANSWER QUERIES ABOUT ACTIVITIES, PROGRAMMES, ETC, SINCE WE HAVE PUT ALL THE INFORMATION WE'VE BEEN ABLE TO ACQUIRE ONTO THIS WEBSITE. SO...USE THE WEBSITE AND THE MANY LINKS INCLUDED ON IT!!!


However, if you have other questions or comments/suggestions about this  website, or indeed any feedback that would be helpful, please do mail us using this "Contact us" page.


Thank you.