The once-off, occasional or even frequent visitor to the area may feel that living here is Permanent Paradise.  And, in many ways, indeed it is.

But this is a living community, and things happen:  good things, indifferent things, sometimes downright bad things.  Most people are great; some are terrible: a typical community, therefore.

This section carried various bits and pieces of local/ community news - sometimes just snippets of things that happen, sometimes ongoing battles.

The last thing we'd want to do is to put you off this area - we WANT you to be here! - but you should also know the good, the bad and the (occasionally) downright ugly.

This is NOT intended to be a comprehensive news section! Nor is it a Births, Deaths and Marriages section, or a Classified Ads!  It's just a section where we can place news items we've picked up here and there which may of interest to those who visit this site. If you have equivalent news items, let us know (use our Contact Us page).

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