On 13th May 2017, this area was plunged into sadness and grief, when Jason De Lappe ended his life, very prematurely.

EVERYONE who knew Jason liked him.  He was friendly, caring, fun to be with... a steady man making his way in the world, and a young man who loved, and was adored by, his family and his wide circle of friends.

JASON loved life and, to the outside world and his family and friends, that he took the decision to end his life came as a complete surprise and shock.

IF a young man like Jason could have such thoughts - well...anyone could. And that is the reason for this page. Let Jason's memory be a reminder that anyone - any single one of us - may at some time harbour dark thoughts and decide to do what Jason did. So many people - young men especially, but others too - have done the same.  Jason's family are determined that his life should be dedicated to trying to prevent any other person or any other family from going through this terrible experience.

DETERMINED not to let Jason's suicide be in vain, the family organised what is hoped will be an annual Memorial Walk, on Omey (see link at top of this page).

As soon as know more about a 2018 Jason De Lappe Memorial Walk, we'll bring it to you!

AND a JASON DE LAPPE REMEMBRANCE FUND was started, and very well subscribed to.

, on this page (and on the Aughrus Peninsula Facebook Page - click HERE) - we publish below a statement from the De Lappe family (19 December 2017).  It's as follows:-

"FINALLY we have received all donation cards and monies raised from the JASON DELAPPE REMEMBRANCE WALK 2017.

 We would like to sincerely thank everyone who came on the day to raise awareness on such an important cause.

 Thank you to everyone who was involved in the organising and distributing of the cards, to the generous Leaving Cert students of 2016 who kindly donated some of the funds raised for their Debs, and to every single person for their kind donations.

 We want to thank everyone in the community and beyond for their support, and we are overwhelmed to let all you know a total of €9,063.27 was raised.

 We are currently working on getting this money into action to help the people in the local community and surrounding areas who are struggling mentally and need help.

 There are amenities locally, which we are hoping this money will help to expand services to such as :

 Pro-Consult which provides an outreach adult counselling service in the Clifden Health Centre - every Friday from 10am to 4pm. - Tel: 091-589581

 The Elm Tree Centre which provides various services to help people struggling - from Mon-Fri 9am-5pm - Tel: 095-30930


This is a very hard time of year for a lot of people, so please in the meantime talk to someone if you’re feeling low... a neighbour, a friend even a stranger."


Samaritans:   Tel: 116123

Aware.ie:       Tel: 1800 80 48 48