Update on Cleggan parking

You'll have noticed the new car park just on the edge of Cleggan. This was built by Galway County Council in 2015, and it is supposed to come fully into operation for the 2016 season, with a parking charge (we understand €5 per day), and with some spaces allocated for use by Bofin islanders to park their cars.

Other traffic regulations are supposed to come into effect also, including:

- Double yellow lines along both sides of the street, between the speed limit signs, except for just outside and opposite the shop, where temporary parking (a few hours) will be allowed.

- No parking in the harbour area, except for temporary parking at the back of Oliver's and either side of the Cleggan Community Centre; and an area where cars owned by harbour users (fishermen, etc)  may be allocated permits for free parking.

- No parking along the ferry pier.

There are of course also the existing 'unofficial' car parks in the village, and as far as we know these will continue as before, and offer good value and proximity to the village and harbour/Bofin ferry.

We're still waiting to see when/how these new regulations are put in place, and how they will work.