Galway County Council have proposed new Bye-laws governing activities on the Blue Flag beaches in the County.  On the Aughrus Peninsula, the beaches covered are Omey Strand, Rossadilisk Beach (Tra Bhride), and Cleggan Beach.

The proposed bye-laws are so restrictive that would in effect prohibit virtually all of the activities that make our beaches so valuable as amenities.  This is especially so for Omey Strand, but it applies also to the other two beaches - as it applies more or less to the beaches not on this Peninsula.

Interested parties should make submissions in writing to the County Council.  Submissions must be made by Friday 11th November.  Email addresses for such submissions are: and - and if you wish to write to local Councillors, here are two addresses: and 

For those who are interested,  I made a submission, and a non-personalised version is given below as a pdf and as a Word (docx) attachment. Please feel free to use it or amend it as you might want.

  All you need to do is:

- Print it (if you want), read it, and amend it (use the docx file) if you wish to

- Add your signature, name, address and the date

- Either send it by post to Galway Co Co, Prospect Hill, Galway, or email itas an attachment, to the addresses given above

Note:  If you print the pdf file, note that it will open with the last page first and the first page last, but it should print in the correct sequence.