Many people are interested in the history of Omey Island. 
For several years I have been working on a serious book, attempting to bring together as much as we may know about Omey Island: 
- How it came into being as an island
- Its geological development
- Its human history; and
- Omey Island today.

So far, I have produced the more or less complete draft of Part One:  Geological History of Omey Island.

And I have a draft of Part Two, still requiring to be divided into separate chapters, with several important corrections and modifications to be made.

Part Three, which will be short, should be ready in Autumn/Winter 2018.

This is deliberately written so as to appeal to the serious scholar, seeking for as much information as may be available on Omey Island. It contains much data that have not previously been published or available to the public.  For that reason, I am making it available here, FREE OF CHARGE, as a downloadable/printable pdf e-book.

Below, you can click to obtain:
- Part One (Geology)
- The early draft (though almost complete) of Part
  Two (Human History)

I hope that some people will read these and perhaps find them of interest. I would welcome comments and/or feedback, to

Heather Greer