Community Council Co Ltd GOES DEMOCRATIC
....KIND OF (24th JAN 2015)

March 2015

Word has it that only 20 people or so, out of several hundred eligible, signed up to join the Cleggan Claddaghduff Community Council Co Ltd, as members with rights to vote, propose Motions, or stand for election.

WAS THIS BECAUSE OF APATHY? We don't think so!

The sad realities are that:
- The letter from the Council (now a Ltd Co) followed a major democratic deficit: residents had been informed that they no longer had an automatic right to be members or to stand for election or indeed have any say at all in the Council. They were told this at the so-called AGM of the Council in late 2014.
- The letter itself contained wording which many people didn't understand or trust (me included). For instance, it stated that members "may be REQUIRED" to undertake specific duties. That sounded like a veiled threat to many.
- People no longer have faith in the Council which USED to be such an influence for good.

Very sad.  No one should misinterpret the poor response to the Council's invitation to residents to join. Rather, there's an onus now on the Directors of the Limited Company that is the present-day Council to do whatever is necessary to win back the support of the Community it's supposed to serve.

24th January 2015
Great to be able to report something positive!

On Saturday morning, 24th January, householders on the Aughrus peninsula had letters delivered from the Chairperson of the Cleggan Claddaghduff Community Council Ltd.

At the 2014 "AGM" of the Community Council (see "2014L Community Council's 2014 "AGM" link at top of page), residents in the area were startled to discover that they no longer had rights to attend AGMs or to vote or stand for election or propose changes.

The Community Council's letter distributed on Saturday 24th January 2015 has addressed that. Residents now need only fill in a simple form and return it, in order to be members of the Council, with rights to attend General Meetings, vote, stand for election as Directors of the Community Council Company Limited, propose motions, and more.

This is very welcome news, and we're very glad to be able to report it.

The other substantive change we hope for is a change to the rules to limit the the terms of office of Directors. This would ensure that no one would as of right remain as a Director indefinitely, and it would encourage participation by community members. We hope for this and other changes, soon.
The Community Council is holding a meeting for 'new members' in the Cleggan Community Hall from 7.00-9.00pm on MOnday February 16th, 2015.